Natural Pecan Mulch 100% Organic

Natural Pecan Mulch

Popular Natural Mulch
• Mad
e from crushed pecan shells
• Unique and attractive consitency
• Reduces weed growth
• Holds in moisture
• Resists washing away in heavy rains

2 cu. ft.

One of our most unique Texas products is our Nature's Guide Natural Pecan Mulch. It is composed of crushed pecan shells after the nuts have been extracted. It is very slow to decompose and has a weight and consistency that allows moisture to penetrate to the soil then it holds the moisture in. It resists washing in the heaviest rains better than almost any other mulch and it's naturally dark color is very attractive. It does have a rather rough texture and it is hard on bare feet so it is not the best choice for play areas.


Nature's Guide P.O. Box 471549 Fort Worth, Texas 76147

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